Gilbert Seeks Inclusion in Gubernatorial Debate

Released at: September 25, 2018
Contact: William Gilbert

For Immediate Release


Moderate Party Candidate William Gilbert Seeks Inclusion in Gubernatorial Debate

Debate set for 9/27/18

Moderate Party Candidate for Governor William Gilbert is seeking inclusion to the televised debate on WPRI-12 that is scheduled for 9/27/18. It is now 20 hours since the attached correspondence was sent to WPRI and Roger Williams University. The points are clear – Nexstar, the parent company of Channel 12, has published debate criteria ( which have been satisfied by William Gilbert and his campaign. Joseph Trillo, the Independent, has not. Mr. Trillo’s headquarters is not open during regular business hours as required by paragraph 3(a), and his latest polls numbers are now below that which is required by paragraph #4(a). Bill Gilbert does not seek to exclude Mr. Trillo – his positions, although unworkable, deserve the same public scrutiny as those of the Moderate Party and others. Channel 12 seeks to limit the information and ultimately the choices available to the RI Electorate. No one should pick winners and losers before the race is over!

“Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium”

Mr. Gilbert has a right to run and a right to express his views – his remedy – appearance in a debate, in a matter of public interest is being unfairly denied by Channel 12.

For more information, press only: William Gilbert 401-932-8364 [email protected]

William Gilbert for Governor Website:

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