Gilbert Announces Candidacy for Governor 2018

Released at: September 23, 2018
Contact: William Gilbert


The tenor is high and the communication is low. While many individuals are screaming, texting and emoting nasty, snarky quips, REAL problems face our state and nation.

People on the extreme right need to realize that there are people, REAL PEOPLE victimized because they are homeless, undocumented, mentally ill, and yes even drug addicted. This victimization comes in many forms like pay-day loans and check cashing services that charge obscene rates, sometimes as much as thirty percent, to cash checks. Racism does still exist. Just because there are not lynchings by bands of hooded white guys does not mean it is truly safe to drive while black. Stop and Frisk policies in most major cities, championed by NY mayor Rudy Giuliani, were premised on stopping black guys that “looked like trouble”. The extreme right must stop treating citizens like enemies and with distrust and hostility. We must demilitarize our police departments and opt instead for peace officers instead of trigger-happy ordinance enforcers.

The individuals on the extreme left at the same time could benefit from a few less decibels too. A living wage is a laudable goal yet without doubt is tied to market forces. A high labor supply drives down wages as does unfair and illegal competition. It is hard to hold both positions that we should turn a blind eye to illegal immigration while we also want higher wages. Our country and state has a finite limit of resources and they aren’t just available for the taking. We can all agree on reasonable limits. The extreme left or progressive movement might also concede that if society owes individuals certain basic minimum guarantees like living wages and basic housing and universal basic incomes, shouldn’t society then also expect a certain level of responsibility, like neighbors that don’t steal, employees that show up on time and give an honest day's labor for an honest day's pay?

We don’t need any more Trump antics nor do we need any more Clinton scandals. Better days can be ahead provided we don’t burn the house down first.

After much consideration I could not find a gubernatorial candidate that fully aligned with the Moderate Party’s ideals and that wished to keep the money out of politics and out of elections. I was unable to recruit someone that wanted to work for the people and for the state rather than for themselves and their friends. Therefore I announce my campaign. I will restore sanity and civility to the conversation and bring management principles to our pressing problems.

If Elected

I will not accept matching funds or seek and pander for donations. Elections should be free from influence.

I will seek an advisory opinion from the Supreme Court for stopping payments for the 38 Studios fiasco. The voters never agreed to this obligation and should never have been charged with it. It was our leaders' job to look after us and they failed and continue to do so. It is the voters' money, not Mattiello's or Gina's.

I will work to restore the cost of living increases that were stolen from our pensioners under Gina Raimondo. Understandably, the government's previous squander required holes to be filled and for some, state employees are easy targets and scapegoats, but compounding bad management and giveaway policies by breaking promises for work already performed is governmental theft. Situations like these prove you don’t need "a gun" to rob someone.

I will cut the administration by 15%. We need more front line workers servicing the people - not minions pretending to perform the people's works while really running the next election cycle's campaign.

I will work tirelessly to make Vo-tech training available to all students. As a state we fully understand that less than fifty percent of our high school graduates go on to college and of the ones that do, less than half of those earn a degree. Not only are we are failing our children by not providing them with real world and marketable skills, we fail our industries and communities by not ensuring that we have a viable work force for the future.

Stayed tuned! I have alot to say from the current womens reproductive issues to ensuring our dreamers are not victimized further from choices thier parents made. If we listen, plan then act we will be successful. Follow me @moderatepartyri on Twitter and Friends of William Gilbert on Facebook

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