I want to congratulate Governor Raimondo on her election to a second term. Her win was hard fought for.

Even though I am a critic of her past gubernatorial performance, my kudos is genuine.

Mrs. Raimondo has once again been tasked with plotting the course of Rhode Island's future and steering us into it.

I offer her this unsolicited advice;

1) Please exert at least equal amounts of time and energy to departmental oversight as you do to fundraising. We do not need any more dead babies, missed court filings or inept PR campaigns.

2) Stop incentivizing and favoring out-of-state corporations that ultimately just compete with our local home grown enterprises. To be a true leader, The Doctrine of Fairness must dance somewhere in your heart.

3) Sequester yourself, the Speaker of the House, and the Senate President in a room and do not emerge until the three of you agree on a tax plan that is the most competitive in the country, an education plan that triples vocational training and industrial science courses to support our current and future needs and an energy plan that creates an renewable energy commission that focuses on solar and wind technologies.

Every two minutes the sun baths our planet with more energy than humanity uses in a year. Let me say it again. Every two minutes the sun baths our planet with more energy than humanity uses in a year. Without question a statewide solar initiative should be underway.

Let me be clear, Mrs. Raimondo is a Democrat as is the Speaker and Senate President. These three people are responsible for the direction of the state and our economic viability. They set the political and economic table. The way they set it will determine if we eat steak or rice and beans. I expect steak!

I am leaving my website up so the taxpayers that I was not able to be introduced to can get to know me. They can see the debates, my news interviews and even interact me if they wish.

Bill Gilbert

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