#DeepDive Gilbert Announces His 100 Day Plan

Released at: July 10, 2018
Contact: William Gilbert

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Governor Candidate Gilbert Plans “Deep Dive” Review of All Departments, Directors and Managers in First 100 Days

Research! Reevaluate! Reorganize!

Bill Gilbert, Moderate Party candidate for Governor of Rhode Island, pledges that if elected he will immediately launch a comprehensive review process he refers to as a “Deep Dive.” A Deep Dive, as the term is used in Lean Management Practice, “is absolutely needed to get a realistic grasp on the true current state of the government and the state’s accompanying financial situation. The fiscal practice of scooping or transferring funds from one line item to another line item in the budget has gone on through way too many administrations. These practices are necessary from time to time, but doing it continuously undermines the public trust,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert plans a Deep Dive in the first 30 days of his administration, if elected, to identify each governmental department’s or quasi-governmental agency’s current state of affairs. He will be auditing current staffing levels, capital assets, overtime usage and other cost drivers associated with and gauged against each department’s intended mission and objectives. Gilbert’s goal in the first 30 days of the Deep Dive is to identify each department’s strengths and weaknesses and to evaluate in finite detail the state’s $9+-billion spending plan.

Gilbert promises, “The Deep Dive will not be a witch hunt just to find a scapegoat for political points. A qualified and competent manager that justifiably pulls in six figures of taxpayer money will have the requested information and more at the ready. Any high-caliber manager will jump at the chance to demonstrate their value and contribution to the state.” Gilbert continues, “Managers who do not have this information readily available will recognize that their performance is most likely deficient and will either self-select themselves out of their current role well before 30 days or they will try to raise their performance to match my expectations for the job at hand. Either way the taxpayers will benefit as overall performance and efficiency rises.”

To accomplish his Deep Dive Gilbert says he will meet with all managers and directors as a departmental group, requiring each to provide an audit and report on the following:

-The department/agency goals, objectives and overall mission

-Past two years’ expenses with overtime expenses broken out

-Current budget

-Current staffing level as well as all job descriptions for each position and evidence that all staff currently meets the minimum requirements for their position

-Requested future staffing levels with justification for each newly desired position

-Current department’s metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) the managers and directors use to base their management decisions on

-Current and pending legal issues

-Current major programs and projects with associated Gantt charts, milestones, expected completion dates, cost performance and schedule data

Taxpayers will not be the only ones that benefit from Gilbert’s “Deep Dive.” State workers will get a boost too. “Often state workers get a bad rap from the public, being perceived as lazy and ineffective, while I believe that in reality many state employees are constrained by managers that are unable to properly plan and execute. A bad manager leaves an employee without proper direction, materials, equipment or time to perform their tasks. An underutilized employee is a function of bad management,” said Gilbert.

“Rhode Island government is riddled with issues that are caused by and indicative of poor decisions, utterly poor management and lack of meaningful oversight,” said Gilbert. “Millions and millions of taxpayers’ dollars have been lost, wasted and frittered away by either Raimondo’s total lack of competence or her unwillingness to oversee her administration while she instead sought national attention and acclaim. Examples of these failures abound,” Gilbert added.

From DCYF’s failure to protect innocent children -- with death resulting -- to the biggest money drain of UHIP’s failed rollout, our current government has even failed administrative duties such as filing simple court documents for currently pending litigation in a timely manner (multiple times), with each missed deadline causing a wasteful loss of taxpayers’ hard-earned money. To add insult to taxpayers’ financial injuries it was revealed that Gina’s administration was not properly following the litigation and she left an attorney in charge that had been suspended from practice and was legally unable to perform the duties that his job required.

This mismanagement and inability to rein in spending is not isolated to just the administrative branch. It is found in the state’s quasi-governmental agencies, the legislature and the Attorney General’s office too. For example, the Rhode Island Convention Center has lost about $25 million a year for most of its existence. The Convention Center currently only has 28 days of confirmed bookings through the rest of 2018, and those are only for sections of the facility -- and no confirmed bookings posted yet for 2019. The Attorney General’s expenditures are up 40 percent over two and a half years, and “Speaker Mattiello’s office payed tuition expenses for his politically connected staffer to the tune of 50k plus. These types of negligent financial losses explain why there are no funds available for real public projects such as schools, roads, public spaces and vocational training,” Gilbert contends.

Therefore, days 30-60 of the Deep Dive will be spent working to improve the performance and efficiency of the state’s departments and get more for each dollar of taxpayers’ money. “I will require the managers and directors to analyze the data they have previously provided, then after careful thought, justify each of the departments’ goals and tasks and then formulate and present a plan to reduce their departments’ costs by 15 percent and reduce staffing by 10 percent over the next two years,” Gilbert said.

Days 60-90 will be Gilbert’s reorganization and implementation phase, where the rubber will meet the road. “This is when I will be implementing changes identified from the previous phase, reclassifying key personnel, setting new policies and requesting new legislation. This is the point when all Rhode Islanders hopefully begin to regain confidence and trust in the state budget process,” stated Gilbert. “With a real and sustainable budget built on a foundation of integrity and trust, a new robust economy that benefits all Rhode Islanders can actually happen.”

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